Mini Beagle

Having been busy raising my three kids and my nephew back in the 70’s and 80’s,I ‘d never wanted a dog to care for,too..we “avoided” it for 14 years,substituting the “real pet” with fish, hermit crabs, gerbils,etc..one day, my daughter and I were in the mall, and popped into the pet store”to look,”and we were nearly safely out the door, when this perfect,black-eared Beagle,a “mini,” of the breed, simply cocked his head to the side, basically saying:”of course you’re not going to leave me here,”

┬áso, about $300.later, we’d lugged him home, trembling, along with the puddle pads and other trappings I hadn’t had around since my only other mutt, “Corky”‘d been put down, due to blindness and tumors at 14 1/2, by my utterly destroyed dad when I was 13..my hubby, not pleased, agreed “Socki”-a testament to his three white legs, and one brown”sock,” could loosely suffice as our second son’s 14th b-day gift.. well, the years rolled by, and the little scamp was known as “Socki the flying beagle,” as he’d leap into the air at the sound of the can opener going to open his evening meal.. in 1993 when we divorced, my ex took custody of the dog,as all the kids were now away at college.. a year or so later, he arrived at my door, crying, saying:”it’s your turn now,” as he’d bought a condo, with a no-dog rule..”Socki” now became my little pal, alone all day,patiently waiting for me to get home, alone, from work..when I got engaged later on, I said, “love me, love my dog,” so Socki moved to my new town with us.. you have many stories, but, when Socki, finally got sick with his own tumors, arthritis, could no longer eat, though he tried so hard, I was faced with the unthinkable: I had to be the grownup who had to decide to end a living thing’s life..

well, I frantically called my sister, son, and future daughter-in-law to go to the vet specialist with me: it was one of the longest weeks of my life, as I had to spend $1,600. to hydrate and medicate him, to keep him here for one more week- it was well-spent, as he’d perked up, eaten some baby food, and had a few more naps in the sun, before, on a rainy St. Patrick’s day, just Socki and I went back to the vet, ,to spend his last moments as I kissed him and thanked him for being my pal, and held him many minutes after the needle in the paw had put him instantly into wherever those sweet souls go.. another $600. to bury him in a local pet cemetery, ’cause I couldn’t deal with ashes, and $300. more for his doggie headstone.. silly, maybe, but had to be done for the closure part..anyway,maybe he’s met Corky and Sprite, you know??..nice to think that..we never forget our best friends..ps:it was great meeting you at the 9-11 Freedom Concert this year, and having you sign your book: you’re a major hero to me, keep doing what you do: the USA never needed you more!.. God bless you and your family.

Gerri from NJ