Milo, Tramp

I had an 18yr old indoor cat that i got at a shelter. THEY named him Milo after the popular movie Milo and Otis. He waited for me at the door everyday, slept with me every night. He started losing weight and vomited lots all tests were negative he was put on prednisone for years. Eventually i brought him to the vet for urinating outside his box turned out xrays said he had an intestinal tumor. Although it was difficult to see but the vet felt it. Within 5 weeks the vet said it was time he stopped eating. I said when he acts like he is dying I will. For 3 days I fed him with a syringe, he did not mind he even cleaned himself after, he nibbled food, and he walked around, used the box purred I just could not do it. On the 4th day he slept under the blankets as usual but this time he laid his head on my arm and fell asleep, he just looked weak and sad his purring was very soft, he did not seem like himself. So I called my husband to take him I could not. I cried said goodbye, as my husband took him to the car he was meowing but still a very weak meow. The vet said if he was 7 she would operate but his age after surgery the majority of cats die eventually. SHe said she would do it if I want to spend thousands of dollars for surgery and rehab and cancer treatement. I feel so guilty, that I should have given him more time, a second opinion? My decision was based on after surgery would he suffer through chemo etc. Would he make it? I still feel guilty that i did not do more. I always go all out for my cats (2others) It was 4 months ago. He is buried outside up on a hill. I also had to put to sleep a 15 yr old black lab 2 yrs ago named Tramp after Lady and the Tramp by daughter who was 4yr old,everyone knows how much of a family dog they are, he followed us everywhere in the house. Thanks for allowing me to pour out my feelings. I don’t know if I can read your book at this time. BTW I am a conservative so that old bs line conservs are mean and hateful is such a lie. Thank you so much.


Ms. Fran from NH