Mildred & Noodles

Four years ago, I met my future wife Robin. Robin is a pet lover, as am I, and she had an old pug by the name of “Noodles”. Robin rescued Noodles at the ripe old age of 12. When asked why she adopted such an old dog?? Robin would smile and respond by explaining that the cute, young dogs would likely be picked over an older, not so attractive dog. Robin was fond of Noodles; always proud to share a “Noodles” story with friend’s….she was very happy and content with her choice.

From what could be gathered, Noodles had a very hard life before meeting Robin. Multiple owners, neglect and such. The goodness of Robin’s heart sought to make up for the deficient earlier years. Not long after the adoption, Noodles was diagnosed with a mass cell form of cancer, which would eventually become terminal. In the face of this grim news, Robin was more determined to give Noodles the best possible care. Robin would locate a doggie oncologist that began combating the disease with routine doses of chemotherapy. Furthering the health regiment and comforting, came weekly acupuncture sessions, doggie massages, walks 3 times a day by the neighborhood dog walkers, friends and of course Robin & myself. Robin would also bake a special “human grade” doggie meatloaf every 2 weeks, to be used for Noodles food. She would bake it on Sundays and the entire house would smell wonderful!!

Now Mark, I share this story with you to make a point. Upon sharing this same story with my brother a few years back, his response was “you’ve found the right girl!! Robin does all this for an old pug, imagine what she would do for you.” He was right. Robin’s character was on full display, as tested by Noodles. Robin is a very special person indeed…she is the world to me, and I have Noodles to thank for showing me the answer.

Noodles was special and served many purposes. One of which was to help our family through another cancer story, involving Robins mother, Mildred. Noodles & Mildred battled cancer side-by-side. Noodles would go to chemo, and then Mildred would go to chemo. Check up for Noodles, then a check up for Mildred. Mildred would become very interested in the progress made by Noodles. We believe that through the encouraging progress made by Noodles, this then would encourage Mildred to continue her fight. Noodles would show us that life does not stop at the word cancer, but rather to be challenged by it. Noodles would provide the hope needed for Mildred until her passing in early 2005. Noodles would follow, just a couple months later. She let us know when it was her time to go…. and not a minute sooner. Noodles lived to the ripe age of 17. I buried Noodles where she now sleeps, wrapped in her favorite blanket, on our property.

We miss Mildred & Noodles to this day.

Steve & Robin from CA