Sprite was your angel dog Mark. He came for a purpose and his mission was fulfilled, and it was done beyond anyone’s comprehension. I know, because, in 1996, my wife was diagnosed with a really bad type of breast cancer. In December around the 18th, doctor’s performed a double mastectomy on her after numerous rounds of chemotherapy. That was only the beginning of her treatment. I decided she needed something to love to take her mind off what had transpired for many months. A close friend of ours had a husky and we used to go over to listen to him talk. I knew nothing about rescue dogs at the time, so I looked in the newspaper for one and saw that a lady was selling what she called rare white huskies. Another breeder told me she was very good, so on December 23rd, only a day or two after my wife came home from Baylor Hospital in Dallas, we went to obtain a white husky for my wife.

I had no idea at the time that this dog would later be called her healing dog, and help heal her, he did. She cared more about coming home to take care of him then she did about staying at her sister’s for Christmas dinner. Mikhail stood by her side during this most difficult period, staying on the bed with her, while she was even too weak to watch tv. We moved to New Mexico with him and it appeared he was bored so we decided he needed a mate. We drove one weekend back to the same breeder and obtained another husky, named Torah (and the breeder was not Jewish). They mated and had six puppies, one died during Christmas which was very upsetting. We were only going to keep the alpha dog, but my wife mentioned keeping a female and then the male that played with her, so we wound up keeping three of the 5 dogs. In looking back at this, I think somehow that I cant explain it, Mikhail accomplished this. The two we cherish the most are the last two we kept by accident. Mikhail passed away with a rare blood disease in 2004, which was the most emotional loss we went through during our entire marriage. I mention all this because I dont think it was a coincidence that we obtained a mate for Mikhail and certainly not in keeping three of his pups.

Sprite was your angel as Mikhail was for my wife. I ordered your book along with Clarence Thomases book and both wont be here until around the 23rd. Amazon must be delivering it by camel. I dont know your entire medical history but I understand some of it is in the book. Since I listen to your show each day, I know that Sprite was there during some of your health problems. I think this dog gave as much to you and your family as you did to him. He fulfilled his purpose and I think if you speak to people in the know about this sort of thing, you will find out he is doing great on the other side and is extremely happy and may beh helping someone else. This does help with the pain. If you ask for him to come to you, in some way you will sense his presence.

Sprite fulfilled a more important purpose, in that, I dont think it was a coincidence you wrote this moving book about him. Sprite has probably caused or will cause the adoption of more rescue dogs that would ever have been accomplished if not for you and your love of him. That is why I think Sprite was your angel. I dont think its a coincidence that a dog you did not have for a long time, relatively speaking, touched your heart so completely. I shed tears each time I see his picture on your website. He was an incredible dog in so many ways and what he accomplished in such a short time with you and your family is most amazing. I am not trying to diminish what you have done with this book and what you continue to do with your radio program for the rest of America.
God Bless you and your family and keep doing the same things you do for our country and for dog and animal lovers around the country and beyond.

Herb from NM