Hi Mark- I heard you talk about Sprite on your radio show tonight, 11/5. Our dog, Midnight, was 17 when she died several years ago. She was recued as a puppy along the side of a road in Virginia. How she ended up in Florida, I’m not sure, but the lady who had her was getting a divorce and could not keep her. She was a black dog, mixed breed, and was devoted to my husband in particular. She tolerated adults but loved children. She developed congestive heart failure around age 15 and medication kept her going for a while. Like you, I prayed for God to let her die in her sleep but this never happened. We had to make the same awful decision as you did. We were at our summer home in the mountains of North Carolina, where she loved to be. I remember sitting with her the night before and crying my eyes out. I think she knew. We buried her under the small stand of locust trees on our property. Tears still well up when I think of her and also the many other pets that we have had over the years who have gone to doggy or kitty heaven. Thank you for sharing your story. I can’t wait to read your book!

 Debbie from FL