I had to put my pup Mel to sleep several years ago – he had lymphoma and I chose not to put him thru Chemo – A few months passed and one night he jumped off the couch and barked and looked at me and at that moment I knew what I had to do. The next day my Vet and her Assistant came to my home and we all knelt around him and said our goodbye’s – I had already placed a call to Abbey Glen Pet Cemetary to come and pick up my pup for cremations – the gentleman came within the hour and I helped lift him onto the stretcher and carry him out to the waiting Van….Two weeks later they had a little service for him and we picked up his askes. I could not bare coming into the house where there was not that wet nose to greet me so two months later we adopted our pup “Sam”. Mark, we brought him home into our strange house and it was like he belonged there. Never, ever once have we had to correct anything from him – he is truly a “special ” dog and I can honestly say that when that time comes again ato say goodbye – It will be devastating for me – not that loosing Mel wasn’t – but there is something so different about Sam – it’s like he is almost human. It will be my great pleasure to meet you at Bookends on December 1, 2007.