Mber, Fiddle, Lily and Jesse

After reading your book I was able to reflect on the time I have spent with the dogs my family and extended family has been able to take care of. Four of these dogs come to mind when I an in a tough spot and need inspiration; these four dogs are Amber, Fiddle, Lily, and Jesse. Jesse was my aunts’ dog yet the other three were my families. When me and my brother were younger and we wanted to play outside my mother would always let Fiddle and Amber out with us. As I got older I asked why she lets the dogs out with us. It was not just to play with our companions but also to protect us. Amber actually would block my brother and I from the street she would not let us set a foot on the street until my mom came out of the door. I was too young to remember Amber well yet I thank God every day that my family had such a great dog. Fiddle was a playful Golden that would eat anything put in her face (Just like your Pepsi). She was one of the most beautiful dogs I’ve ever seen both of her parents were show dogs and she was as beautiful as them. One day she saw a dog outside and managed to get out the door. She ran across the street to meet her new friend but did not quite get there. An old Ford station wagon hit her. She let out a quick yelp and we thought she was dead yet she wasn’t. She suffered from a broken bone and that’s about it. Yet, the car on the other hand was damaged, and I mean a lot. The dog left a 6 inch indent in the car, guess all that eating paid off in fact the vet said it saved her life.

The last tow dogs were recent additions lily is one of the happiest poodles I have ever met she is like a constant puppy and want to play all the time. Jesse my aunts’ dog is a true inspiration. After about 7 months old the dog suddenly became ill and could not use its hind legs. In fact it was paralyzed from the middle of the back down. The vet said that Jesse may never walk again. He also said that my aunt and uncle should consider putting him to sleep. For them it was the end of the discussion and would not consider putting Jesse to sleep for up to a half a year my aunt and uncle had Jesse in diapers and had to carry the young pup everywhere. Still when someone came to the door he acted as happy as could be. Dragging everything with his front two paws just to meet his new friend he would great the person with a smile and a lick of the hand. Finally another Vet said that they came out with a new treatment that could help him regain his ability to walk. By massaging his hind areas and moving his legs in warm water. It worked the dog can walk fine and he is an inspiration to many others. God created these magnificent creatures to show humans that the little thing does matter, and that acts of niceness can change the world. The only fault with dogs is that they don’t live long enough. As Ben Williams once said “There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.”
And one last quote “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” Roger Caras

Ethan from New York