May Missy

Well, I listen to Mark most every night, so I knew about this sight, but it has taken a few days to adjust before I can tell my story.

I bought BJ (a male Pomeranian) about 2yrs ago. My room-mate had a female Pom and we wanted to breed her. Well, eventually BJ grew up and about the end of May Missy had four cute puppies. At the end of June my roomate move back to PA to be with family and I kept one of the puppies for myself and company for Daddy BJ. He was just a great father to all of the puppies, he would follow them around the house and clean up if they made a mess.
I drive truck 7 days a week, locally, and BJ and Keysha (his daughter) would ride with me. We really didn’t have a life except for each other.

On October 29 we left the house early in order to get a treat before we went to work. BJ and Keysha had been so good about never crossing the street, but on this day it all went wrong. I live on a quiet street, but a Van came speeding down the street, and our neighbor was across the street. You already can guess what happened. BJ and Keysha both attempted to run across the street to say Hi. They were both hit by the van. The driver did stop, but it was too late. BJ was killed almost instantly. I was there in time to hold him for his last breath. Keysha wasn’t quite as lucky, she lasted about 5 minutes, but she was so broken up I knew there was no chance. I was holding her when she expired too.
I cannot explain to anyone my feelings of loss. As a divorced 57 yr old male, These little critters were my life and now thew were gone. If only I hadn’t been dumb enough to trust these guys when we lived so close to the street.
This has been a very long week and a half. I go to work, come home and miss them tremendously.
My kids have bought me a new puppy, Casper. He is a white Pomeranian and he is NOT a replacement. Him and I had a long talk right from the start that he will never replace BJ and Keysha because they were each one of a knd “Friends” Casper knows he is also one of a kind and I want him to be himself, witch he is in the process of showing me he is—Every day.

I don’t know if I am ready to start this training process all over again, but here we go——-

Gene from MO