I am truck driver and I can’t help but listen when you or your listeners talk about there dogs. I have had dog my whole growing up life and luckly for me and my family our pet were taken by god! Right now my wife and I have 3 dogs 1 pit/pointer mix who is my co-pilot in the truck madison. 2 Maxx who my wife was at the denist one day and found out that one of the girls was showing off a pic of a dog, they were trying to find a home for or it was going to the pound so while she was all numded up i drove and picked him up. He is a BIG teddy bear he is a sheppard/ lab mix. 3 because i was taking madison on the road with me we figured we needed one to keep Maxx happy so we got Katie we bought her in a sportsmans parking lot she is a pur lab. And like u said when i come home the 2 that are at home jump me as soon as i open the door, I love my animals and I will always have dogs, they follow me everywhere and the neighborhood credits us for having such tam dogs, when ever I am out side in the front yard they are there laying down and when ever I open the garage door they dart for my pickup truck thinking we are going for a ride….

I wasn’t planning on going in to my present dog and wanted to tell 2 storys. I had afriend whose wife was pregnat and she wasn’t sure how the dog will do around the baby so I took her. Her name was Jill but i had to chang it cuz my sister jill was getting ofended so she became chill. Well we are in ther process of moving from az to id and i took her over to my mother home in Rexburg Id and ever since i let my mother said that when ever she heard a noise resembling my truck it had a particular noise, she got all excited, well to make a long story short she had mouth problem and she was depressed until she heard a noise resembling my truck. Well i was still in az and I was tried to get up there caz hes was not doing well, she died and my mom said maybe it was because she missed me, Chill was a mut black and white i have a pic of her on my computer screen saver and she is looking up at me as i am taking the pic.

My next dog when i was growing up name was scamp he was a pure shelty black and white. He came down with heartworms and on easter sunday he was on his last leg, we were ready to go to church and I took him in my arms and as he was laying on my lab he looked up in my eyes and slowy drifted away.. That was the hardest day and thankfully i went to church and felt comforted knowing that I will see him again someday!! Every holiday no mader wich one we are very careful with our pets cuz we have lost on on christmas(was ran over) and scapes wife died sassy age 19 yrs and she died also christmas my mother could not put her down cuz when sassy had a bad day the next day she was bouncing around and happy so we let god take her.

Chad from Idaho