Max was our Little Man for 14 wonderful, rewarding years. He grew up with our two girls and was a valuable member of our family. On October 17 after suffering 4 days of being under the weather, he collapsed. I rushed him to the vet where they treated him for dehydration and did ultrasound on him. A mass was found on his liver which was enlarged, as was a lymph node, his abdomen was filled with fluid. Somewhat in denial I thought we could just remove the mass and go on our happy way. It wasn’t to be. He declined quickly that night in bed with me as I gave him water with an eye dropper throughout the night. Upon returning to the vet in the AM it was apparent we were faced with the ultimate decision. We said our good-byes, I held him and whispered in his ear “I love you” until he took his last breath. It was peaceful, but the most painful thing I have had to go through. The Vet made 3 plaster paw prints for our daughters and us to have before he was cremated. We have his ashes in a velvet bag with his framed photo where we can see him every day. There will never be anything that can compare to the love we had with Max, he was our Little Man. I can now say I completely understand what you went through with Sprite.

Lisa from GA