Hi Mark, my name is Max and this is my story. I was only 9 weeks old when I went home with my boy and girl, Paul age 7 and Vicky age 6. I was supposed to be a Boston Terrier but I wound up a mix. I only cost 5 dollars and a lady told my kids that I “sure was ugly”. But they didn’t care, they just loved me that much more. My kids lived in the country so I had lots of room to run and play, to dig holes and bury things. When I was about 6 years old we moved to a different place in the country. There I had squirrels to chase. I even chased a fox once!! With my short legs I didn’t have a chance of catching him, but it sure was great fun. At this place my kids had to walk a half mile to and from the school bus. Every afternoon I would sit in the front yard, look down the road and wait for my kids to come home. When I would see them I would be so happy. I’d run to meet them and safely escort them to the house. I took care of all my family. Once my kids’ mom stepped out of the bard door, turned her ankle and fell. I went and sat close beside her and let her hug me for several minutes before her ankle stopped hurting. Well, my kids graduated ffrom high school, got a job, got married and left home. Guess I was getting old and forgetfull for I would still go and sit in the yard and look down the road, waiting for my kids to come home. Sometimes I’d wait for an hour or two before I’d give up and go to the house.By the middle of my seventeenth year I was sick and getting very feeble. I had arthritis so painful I could hardly walk. My kids’ mom took me to the vet. She held me close to her breaking heart until I peacefully fell asleep.
In memory of Max 1965-1982

Mickey from OR