Mark my dog saved my life. I suffer from depression and when I first was diagnosed (while serving in the U.S. Navy) I did not want it to accept. I told myself that after 17 years in the service I was not going out like this. While going thru this my next door neighbor’s dog (Jack Russell) had puppies. I was given one that I name Max.

Max was born on December 1, 2003. Let me say that I been married for twenty three years and we never had a dog because of all the moving we did while in the Navy. After getting Max I felt much better still one day after being told that my Navy career was over and that I was going to be Honorably Discharge with a medical disability. That was what took me to the edge; you must understand that I was a dedicated military person. This is when I really thought about killing myself. Nobody was home that day but me, I decided to do it. I took my gun, pulled it back and pointed to my head and I was just a few seconds to pull the trigger.

Right and I mean right when I was pulling the trigger my dog Max start knocking on my office door and he was making a noise that I never heard him making before, he was like crying and barking at the same time. I stop for a moment and open the door. Max jump all over me and will not stop licking me and still making the same noise. When you’re this depressed you feel like you are in a fog or unreal world. Max love and caring gave me a second of clarity is then when I realize what I was trying to do, I started shacking. Right on that moment I unloaded my weapon, put it away. After that I spent the day with Max.

From there on I went back to my counselor, took my medications and life changed. I know that Max save my life because I assure you that I was going to pull that trigger, no question about it. I know that when Max last day come it will be very, very hard for me, my kids and my wife. I haven’t told my story to anyone, not even my wife. I am sharing this with you for the first time in my life. I ordered your book way back before it was even out. I wish I had waited to get a sign copy. Thanks Mark for your strong values, for being a patriot and for showing everyone what really matters in life.

Very Respectfully