Mans Best Friend

Your listeners know that you are a great and passionate patriot to be included with names like Adam Smith and John Locke. You have said that the joy man’s best friend brings to his owner is greater than the sadness of his death…this is true, in spite of the fact that Sprite’s death brought depression to you. You know by now that millions have felt the way you do. You are so right in encouraging your listeners to adopt a dog from a shelter.

You have not spoken of owning a dog when you were a child. When I was young, I felt that only the dogs I got from the shelters loved me. Thus, when they died, my grief was profound. If I spoke to an adult of my sadness, none that I knew
would have understood or cared. Nevertheless, I never hesitated to get another dog because I feel it is an honor to be around something that gives love and loyality in such a unqualified manner.
Dogs are nature’s innocent since their only concerpt of good and evil is what we tell them. Unlike mankind, unless a dog has been breed or trained by manfor evil purposes, he will instintively choose to do good.
As I e-mailed to one of your other correspondents, if there are no dogs in Heaven, I choose not to go.

Having said that, may I also say to you, my good friend,
may God bless you…this nation would be less without you.

David from KS