Manny and Will

The two brothers, Manny and Will. Manny was an Italian Greyhound and Will was an Abyssinian. Both very different personality wise Thy overcame alot together. They both led happy lives. They had more love in their lives than some people ever receive. One afternoon when Manny was out on a walk a reckless teenager was going 60 mph in the neighborhood. He hit our dear dog killing him instantly. The news was heartwrenching and even more devasting when the driver did not even consider stopping. My entire family, especially my Grandpa, were heartbroken. We could not imagine how each day was going to go by without our dear friend. Will his brother seemed confused and appeared to be looking for him in the house. It was hard to tell what was going through his mind. But Manny’s passing inspired us to save another soul my cocker spaniel, Roscoe. We adopted him from the pound. Three years went by and a frightening change in Will’s health was becoming apparent. Because of his breed his chance of dying of kidney disease was more possible than compared to other cats. Will went from being a happy cat laying by the window bathing to losing five pounds in the course of four days. He dwindled down to three pounds. He could not walk he pulled himself into a corner. He could not even enjoy his most treasured activity, eating. An infection in his mouth had developed. We were forced to have to put Will to sleep. My mom pleaded to Will to just rest his eyes and let go. He would not. It was one of the most painful experience in the world. We had these animals for thirteen years. And to wake up and know they were not there was devastating. The love a dog and a cat offer is more pure and sincere than from some people. I can ever imagine going through life without the love of a dog and a cat. They are wonderful and great companions.

Courteney from Texas