It is 11:04pm 11/2/07 and I am listening to the audio rewind of your 10/31/07 show (thanks for putting these on your web site) and I am sitting with here with my dying cat, Major. He is 16 years old and I have been fighting tears all day. Mark you just said “is it too early, is it too late” and that is exactly what I am going through right now. I took Major to the vet today with my 2 year old son and 1 year old daughter. The two year old kept saying the “doc-tor will make Bay-jor feel better right mommy?” This of course brings additional tears to my eyes. We got Major some fluid but he does not seem to be doing better. I beleive this must be the end but what a hard decision to have to make. Major has brought so many years of joy and happiness to our home and he will be missed forever. I think our dog Maize knows she is about to lose a good friend. Major has been a dominant yet friendly presence in our home for many GREAT years. Many would meet him and laugh how he would come when we called his name and how he would stand up to Maize the dog and bat her nose as if the he was in charge. Major would always come and greet visitors. He has a special place in many hearts, including my grandfather who died 10 years ago. We love him and will miss him terribly. Thanks Mark for letting us all have an outlet for our emotions. I feel sorry for people who never own a pet and to never really know what a special relationship and love a pet brings. Mark keep up the good fight, LOVE your show.
Love to Major, a wonderful and truly special cat.


Ginny from PA