mark, i am listening to you on rush’s show. we had to put our dog maggy down. she had a blood disorder. it will be two years on feb 28. she still tugs at my heart every day. we did adopt another stray to be a companion to our cockapoo. we have always had at least 2 dogs. i care for them more than most people i’ve met. dogs are a gift from heaven.

Richard from CA


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  1. Tatum Says:

    Hi Richard, This is one of the Cutest dogs. I know how you feel. It’s Hard and it’s Great all at the same time. I look at my dog (Ruby) and think well, she’s only 4-1/2 years old, but in dog years she is almost half way though her life. You hang in there and get a Shelter dog. They all need a home. It’s so hard, but I will never not have a Dog. Ever!