Maggie, Charlie, Winston, Madeleine

My husband and I love all the babies in the world and we wish we could save all of them. But, we know we can not do that so we help any way we can. We have 4 dogs and 2 cats.. All are rescues. The 2 cats came from the Howard County Animal Shelter and all the dogs came to us via different avenues. Our oldest, Maggie (11 years old), had been adopted from a shelter and the people that had her decided a dog was too much trouble and wanted to return her to the shelter. If they returned her she would have been put down.. so my husband and I said we would keep her until they could find her a home.. That was 8 1/2 years ago.. Do you think they are still looking? Then there is Charlie (we think he about 6 years old) ran out from an lane while I was driving down the road. It was 12/18/2006… We searched everywhere, put up fliers, called the animal shelters and no one claimed him.. So, I say he is my Christmas present from God. Winston, he is 3 years old.. He came from the SOS and BARK rescue groups.. in Richmaond VA.. Last but not least there in Madeleine… 4 years old. She came to us from St. Maarten, the Carribean Island. We were on vacation and there were three little puppy girls running on the beach.. We thought they belonged to the people renting the beach umbrellas and chairs.. But, we said they were not his and he was going to poison them… That tore my heart right out of my body.. I cried all the way from St. Maarten to Baltimore.. Once I was home I got in touch with the Animal Welfare in St. Maarten and gave the location of the puppies.. The Lady’s name is Kathy Deher… She was the president of the Animal Welafare.. She recued her from the beach, the other two had been taken by two ladies.. and we felt that they were safe.. So, there was my little black and white puppy. She was taken to the vet and was examined and given a clean bill of health..Then I asked how do I go about bringing her to the States.. American Airlines will transport animals traveling alone… and the Carribean does not have rabies, so no quarrentine. So, it took 3 weeks for her to arrive because it need to be 85 degrees or below where ever she was departing and arriving and she was flying from St. Maarten to Miami and she spent the night in Miami and flew to Baltimore the next morning.. Everyone was so nice and especially kind to her. We have kept in touch with her Aunt Kathy (Animal Welfare). Then there was my Mickey, black lab, we is my heartbeat.. He passed away October 4, 2005, at 13 1/2. I think about him every day and I miss him so much.. He is the love of my life… I know how hard it is… I cry everyday.


Susan from MD