Within the last year I have had to put to sleep 2 of my 4 labs due to cancer. The first female named Maggie was the sweetest most loyal loveable lab one could ask for. She was the leader of the pack but always wanted a humans love. She was especially clese to me because she was out first and I was the daily walker and feeder. For 11 1/2 years we had the joy of her company. She was unbelievably smart and learned in order to get a treat she would steal one of our shoes. In order to get it back we would give her a treat. All she wanted was our love. One day I noticed her tail was not going up properly. She was having trouble getting into our car to go for our long off leash walks. We took her to the vet who gave her rimadyl. After a week she was not getting better so we visited the vet again. They did xrays and didn’t find anything. Took her home and within a few days she couldn’t get up by herself. We would have to help her with a towel. She quickly went downhill to not being able to walk and control her bowls. We took to for an MRI and were told she had a tumor wrapped around her spine which was inoperable. We had to make the biggest decision we have ever had to make. The next day we drove to be with her one last time. I brought her dog bed, her drinking bowl and a cheeseburger. As I waited for them to bring her into the room I was crying the hardest I have ever cried hardly being able to take breaths. When she was brought into the room to see me she was so happy. I gave her many hugs and kisses and gave her the cheeseburger and water which she gobbled down. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do so far in my life. I miss her every day. The act of what I had to do to her kept going through my mind. Then 6 mos. later our 2nd oldest 10 year old lab couldn’t keep up with us our on daily walks. I just thought it was the fact that she was getting older. Finally when I knew something was definitely wrong I took her to the vet only to be told she was very very sick and we had to immediately go to the specialty vet. That night she had a complete blood transfusion to keep her alive. The next day we were told she had a tumor in her stomach which was taking all her red bloods cells. We had no choice but to bring her home and give her the best two days of her life. Then my husband took her to our vet because I couldn’t bare to go through that same procedure again. Now we still have 2 8 1/2 yr labs who are the children of our second lab. I miss my first two every day but give the two I have now more love than anyone could imagine. I dread what I am going to have to go through 2 more times. I only wish our dogs could stay with us longer. I am a huge animal lover and it rips my heart open when I hear of animal cruelty. All our dear animals want is to be loved and cared for. I truly believe that you can tell a human’ soul by the way they treat their animals. They have given so much love to our family.

Buffy from Texas