Our dog’s name was “Maggie” she was a siberian Husky that came into our yard 14 yrs ago without collar or any ID – we advertised her and checked the local pound – no one ever called for her so she became part of our family.
In April of 2006 we had to put Maggie to sleep – I am not over it yet – She was great – I swear she looked like she was always laughing and boy did she make us laugh. She brought us joy beyond what we gave her. She had a cyst on one kidney and that kidney had to be removed she did well for a few weeks then the other kidney began to fail – we had to keep her hydrated and as I once worked as an ER tech we were able to have her at home and every morning and every night for three weeks I had to use an IV setup to make a pouch just under her skin that would fill with fluid and keep her hydrated and that kidney working as well as it could .

The hope was that we could get that kidney working for her. It did not do so and we had to put her to sleep – Just like Mr. Levin said on Hanity & Combs last p.m. I also watched the clock until it was time to take her to the Vets – my heart was breaking – we stayed with her til the end – we could not have done anything less – One day we will get another dog – but it will be from the pound – we will find that wonderful dog that is filled with love and joy once again – but I am not yet ready – Maggie’s passing just broke my heart -she trusted me absolutely during her last weeks of life. Thanks for reading this and helping me let someone else know just how great Maggie was.

 Anne from IN