Maddy and Georgie

I always traveled for a living and my husband told me I didn’t know what it was like to have a puppy. He said “You have no idea”. Well, after I quit my job in the hotel industry, we went to get our puppy from North Shore Animal Leaque. I stayed there all day as I said I would know it when I saw her. Well, they finally brough out this beautiful ball of fluff with her poopy all over her, they put her in my arms, she looked me straight in the eye and I said She’s the one!
We named her Madison. she’s a Border Collie Mix and no, I had no idea what it was like to have a puppy! I slept downstairs with her as we were crate training her, laid in her crate with her took her out at 4am for almost two months. She trained beautifully too! Madison is what I call my “Heart” dog. Two weeks after my Mom passed away in 2001, my nieghbor came to me and said would I adopt a Golden Retreiver that was being given away. I was very upset over losing my mother and I said absolutely not. Well, we found out her name was Georgie, and as my sister pointed out, that was the name of the women who introduced my parents over 50 years ago! I said, it must be a sign for my Mom, so into our home comes 9 month old Georgie who couldn’t even climb stairs. She had some health issues, but we nursed her to health, took her for training and she became our”Golden Wonder” Madison took her into her heart as I knew she would after being the only dog for two years.

Well, Madison is now 9 years old, Georgie is now 7. I have not had to go through yet what many of you had to and I’m not quite sure I can handle it. My husband and I were not blessed wiht children, so these two are our children.
When I listen to Mark speak of Sprite, I know that Sprite is listening and is at the Rainbow Bridge waiting. It helps to know so many have gone through this.
I’m just going to enjoy the joy they bring to us each and every day for as long as the Lord will let them be here.

Lorraine from NY