On April 9, 2007, my 11 year old black & tan dachshund Mac died. He was my rescue dachshund who entered my life in 1996. Mac was a joyful dog who lived life at double speed. He loved to chase birds, bark at squirrels, drink my lattes, his daddy and me. When my husband would take him for a walk, we called him “Westminster Mac” because he would practically prance through the neighborhood, just like those AKC dogs at Westminster. If a dog could smile while going for a walk, it was Mac. Mac died suddenly on Easter Monday of a coronary embolism – he died at home with both his mommy and daddy by his side. The hole that he has left in our lives is huge, and the memories we have of our feisty little dog keep us laughing. If you can rescue a dog, please do it. They are wonderful companions and are so grateful to have humans to call their own.

Theresa from MD