After twenty two and one half years of providing our home with her beauty and her specific love for us, our Luv, a very beautiful black and white cat with a very human personality did pass away in December of 2006 from heart complications due to asthma that was caused by the ingestion of materials that were released downwind from the World Trade Center on September 11, as we live less than one-half mile from the site of the World Trade Center. According to our vet, the toxic materials that were released on 9-11 caused asthma and/or epilepsy to many dogs and cats as well as other animals that were caught in the path of the airflow downdraft from the materials that were released on that date and the following days from those now lost buildings. Luv was a loving, healthy cat before 9-11, with absolutely no health problems, and she had been seen by our vet on 9-10-01 for a regular check-up. We miss her every day and we miss her loving wonderful spirit. Let us hope that Sprite and Luv could meet one day and learn to play with one another, as they both appear to have the same wonderful spirit. Please keep up the good work. We need your voice to help all dogs and cats that are looking for and need a good home. Thank you.


Joel from NY