On November 20, I had to take our ten year old German Shepard (Lucy) to the vet for the last time. She developed a tumor in her heart causing the sack around the heart to fill with fluid. Our vet was able to save her after the first attack on Saturday but it was a matter of time before the sack filled again causing heart failure. Tuesday morning, I had to drive her to the vet, carry her in and stay with her in the last moments of her life as the vet put her to sleep. Since that time I have been ridden guilt as I feel I let her down. I have relived those last moments over and over again in my mind.Could she have lasted a couple of more days? Would a natural death be better? I think I could have handled a natural death better than the thought of my part in her death. I know it was the humane thing to do but was it the right thing to do. My heart is broken as I have lost my best friend. My kids are grown and gone but she was there always at my heels following me everywhere I went. She had such an wonderful disposition any words I would use to describe her would not do her justice. I will try to pick your book up but I don’t know if I can read it at this time without breaking down. Thanks for this format to share my feeling. Lucy will live in my heart forever and I hope there is a dog heaven, she deserves it.

Gary from TN