Lucky Simon

My Wife and I are breeders of Standard Poodles and have produced 8 litters of dogs during the past12 years. We have produced numerous champions and have had two of our dogs entered at the Westminster Kennel Club Competiton in NYC. The story I am about to tell is about one of the puppies, Lucky Simon, from a litter produced in 2004. That litter contained 5 puppies each weighing 1 pound. They all appeared normal and there was no problem whelping them. On the 10th day when the other 4 puppies began trying to get up on their feet this one puppy seemed unable to, and was moving about using a breast stroke type of motion with his front paws. We did research and discovered he was a “swimmer” puppy that most veternarians “put down”. We brought him to our veternarian to have him euthanized on the 12th day as he seemed in pain and distress.

The veternarian indicated that she had seen and treated a swimmer puppy many years earlier and she thought she would be able to help him rather that put him down. She indicated that the problem was that he was such a large puppy and he had been nursing lying flat on his chest rather than on his side, causing the bones forming hiis chest, which were still maleable, to flatten rathe rthan form the normal oval shape which in turn forced his front paws out to the side. She fashioned a vest for him out of “Vet Wrap”, and cut two holes in it for his front paws.Cotton was put in the vest on the outside of his paws forcing them back to their normal position. We visited the veternarian twice a week to adjust the size and measure progress.

Today he is a magnificent example of what a Standard Poodle should look like and he is as healthy as any of the other 8 poodles we have in our home. We have had other breeds in the past and over the years we have had to put them to sleep. The original poodle, our foundation breed bitch is now 12-1/2 years old and is begining to show signs of her advanced age. I can share the feeklings you express on your evening program which I listen to as often as I am able to. I was prompted to send this to you after hearing your conversation with Curtiss this morning. I enjoy listening to you and agree with most of the ideas you express,.

Eugene from NJ