I wanted to share our story about a dog named “Lucky”. In late February of this year my granddaughter and I went to the local shelter to see if a dog was available that was listed in the paper for adoption. When we arrived at the shelter we found to our dismay that the dog had already been adopted. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to see the dogs that were available and we quickly zeroed in on a little Chihuahua terrier mix. He was so happy when the shelter employee put the leash on him! We visited for about 10 minutes with the dog and saw that he was skinny (his ribs showed) and in need of a lot of TLC. My granddaughter and I both knew that this dog was the ‘one’. He didn’t look like much but we saw potential! We paid the fee and took the little guy home. My granddaughter wanted to name him Lucky. So “Lucky” it was!

My husband wasn’t exactly thrilled when he got home that day and saw this dog. All he saw was a skinny sickly looking mutt. It didn’t get any better from there. We took Lucky to the vet to get his shots and to be fixed. That is when we were told that he was heart worm positive. He was Stage 2 and would require 8 weeks of complete confinement during treatment. We babied this sweet dog for 8 weeks and my husband went from “why did we get this mutt” to “this is the greatest dog ever”. Our Lucky dog successfully completed his heart worm treatment in May. He is a healthy and very spoiled dog today! Lucky is loved by everyone, especially my husband. Lucky and my husband are inseparable.

It breaks my heart to think that if we had not gone to the shelter that day Lucky probably would have been put down. We are the “Lucky” ones to have this dog; he is now a huge part of our family.

Thanks for letting me share our story.

Robin from Texas