I am a police officer who deals with death regularly but I found it was very different when it was our family pet. We had a cat names Louis that was only 6 years old when he began having trouble breathing. He was a beautiful Manx with a Little stubby tail and Persian long fur. He was always looking for someone to pet him or to lay with. He didn’t bite or scratch he was always pleasant. I took him to the vet and had all kinds of test ran to only find he had cancer that was in his sinuses and there was nothing that could be done. The vet said he could go home and live another month or so. I could not leave him in pain and had to make the decision to let him to go sleep. I could not stay in the room when it was done but my wife did. I stayed in the waiting room with my daughter who was also very distraught. After it was done I had Louis cremated and placed in a very nice wooden box. To this day he sits on our mantel and we think about him all the time and talk about how Nice a cat he was.


Danny from TX