Louie and Maizie

Hello I want to tell you about a dog that our son-in-law found while working at a shelter. Louie(one of Huey, Dewey and Louie) had been neglected as a puppy and seems to be depressed. He doesn’t cower when you raise a hand, but is fearful about everything. If given a chance, he would stay in the back corner of a closet. This week, after 2 years, our daughter was petting him, and for the first time, when she stopped, he put his paw on her arm as if to say”Keep it up” They were tickled. Don’t know what would have happened to him if they hadn’t taken him. Now, they have brought another dog home(Maizie) and she has helped him learn to play. When one visits them, Maizie comes running with a big SMILE! A whole row of teeth shows-the vet took a step back when she saw that, thinking she was angry and baring her teeth, but no, she was smiling. THey have been fun (and interesting) dogs. We never had dogs in the 50 years we have been married. Keep up the good work on radio. Really enjoy listening to you.

Bobbe from OH