I just finished reading your wonderful book. It was amazing to me, since I have been so depressed over the loss of my dog, Loki, to hemangiosarcoma last month.

He was only 9 years old, and had lived a year post-diagnosis and splenectomy, which is I guess pretty uncommon. So we were lucky to get that year, I guess. But it was a bittersweet year. I felt like I mourned him so many times – when he first collapsed with the ruptured spleen, when he went into emergency surgery, when his test results came back positive for this horrible cancer, and then when he began to downslide a few months ago, it was just this continuous hard thing.

And he was the sweetest, strongest, most loving dog I’ve ever known. So smart! So happy. Always in the middle of everything. I still ask, why did this happen?

I’m still so depressed about it. I was depressed the months before we had to put him down too, seeing his decline. It was like he aged 10 years in a month or two.

Anyway thanks again for writing your book. It was a very cathartic read!


Elizabeth from PA