This is from an email my daughter (27 years) sent me the other day. Her little “Lita” was tragically killed by two other dogs and she is devastated.

One month ago today, I lost a piece of my heart, I lost my Lita. It’s been a really hard month. There are still so many days that I look for her or think that she’s just on a hiatus at mom and dad’s, but then my heart sinks as I realize that the only way to see her is to look at a picture or search for a memory. I have so many wonderful memories of Lita, ones that make me laugh and smile and remember what a wonderful friend and companion that she was. Then I have that day…the one that tears at my heart and makes me ask “why?” over and over until I just want to die. I hate that day…it took my friend, and as hard as I try, I cannot forget everything that I saw and felt. My heart is still an opened wound and I find myself crying so often just wanting her fuzzy little self to rub against my face or nudge at my hands until I lift the blankets so that she can sleep down by my feet. But I will never have that again, just the memory. So I hold all of those memories so close to my heart
and pray that one day I’ll see her again and tell her that “I’m sorry and that I loved her more than I ever thought possible”. She helped heal my heart after Rosie and Tigger and filled a void where I thought none ever could. So on this day, in her memory, I share with you the beginnings of her tribute slideshow. It is not yet complete as I still have many more photos to add to it. All of these pictures are the happy times and the ones I have to use to erase THAT day. So please, tonight when you say your prayers, tell Lita that you miss and love her, and then hold all of your little friends and tell them how much you love them. You never know when one may go to God, I didn’t, and you don’t want to regret not holding them that extra minute or snuggling with them that one extra time or kissing their wet nose. Lita said goodbye to me the night before her passing and let me love on her extra long before we went to sleep and I am so thankful for that last memory. I miss my little frien

In loving memory of my Lita….

Rick from Georgia

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  1. Paul Resko Says:

    I am so sorry to hear of your daughters dog. The same thing almost happened to my neighbors dod the other day. Thank God he caught it in time. He’s just a little shitzu and the agressor is a chow. He even went after my Boxer. I made alittle tribute to my first Boxer, using windows movie maker. Maybe your daughter might be able to get some ideas. It help me thru my hardest days.
    Take care
    Paul from NJ