Lindy Girl

I do not know how many times I almost turned off your interview with Sean regarding Sprite because I did not want to hear anymore, it was breaking my heart! And, when I got on line to inquire about the book, I cried when I saw that Sprite is a Golden Retriever, just like my Lindy Girl. I do not tell many people this story because they think I am a crazy evangelical, but… Jan. 2, 2007, after a thorough physical, blood tests and lung x-rays, Lindy Girl was diagnosed with lung cancer. The emotional pain was so bad I could literally feel it in my chest! Her vet felt that the cancer was going to get very aggressive, and not much time would be left for her to be with me.

Well, I was not about to give up. I remembered the story in the New Testament about the woman who went to the judge to plead her legal problem, but the judge would not hear her. She kept going back and finally the judge, because of her persistance, agreed to hear her plea. So, I said “OK God, just like that woman, I am going to keep asking you to heal my Lindy Girl, until you heal her.”

This is now Nov. 9, 2007. Lindy is healthier and happier than ever! Acts like a clown, eats like a piggie – (when she was so sick, she would not eat a thing, and I had to give her water with a turkey baster and hold her lips closed so the water would go down her throat, as she would not even drink on her own. She could hardly breath, rasping with every breath, could barely move) romps around, tossing her toys everywhere, flies up and down the stairs.

Well, “All creatures great and small, the Lord God made them all.” He loved her enough and me enough, to heal her. Believe it or not – I am so thankful to still have Lindy Girl. She turned 9 years old Sept. 7.

So, for those of you who are Christians, all I can say is pray for your dog, God loves them too! Sometimes He answers the way we want, other times He does not, why I do not know. But, be like the woman who was persistant, in all of your prayers!

Also, I had to put to sleep a beautiful black and white English Springer Spaniel who also had cancer. I kept hanging on to him, he was such a sweatheart. But, one night he was able to get up on my bed, he layed down at the bottom and looked up at me as if to say “Please, help me.” I co-owned him, as he was a show dog. I called the co-owner, who was my dear friend, we both cried, but decided it was cruel to keep him alive, just because we loved him so much. Spats was 11 years old, we had lots of fun going to dog shows, he loved it! I have many wonderful memories, but the one I wish I could forget is the night I had to take him to his vet to be put to sleep. He could barely stand up, was nothing but skin and bone. His beautiful black eyes looked at me as if to say “good-bye.” That pain never goes away. Why God did not heal Spats, I do not know. But I will never forget the love Spats had for me, and I for him.

My heart goes out to you and Sprite.

Sharon from PA