Last Ride

Just finished reading Rescuing Sprite. I must say, I cried. And I’m not a crier. Thank the Levins for adopting Griffen, another oldie but goodie. And thank you ,Mr. Levin, for your story.

I live in a rural area that is a favorite dumping place for the unwanted…and sometimes just plain lost. Often, it is just a little bit scary to open the door in the morning to see who might have wandered up needing a place to be.

Old and infirm, young and spunky, baskets of kittens and pups.

I can find homes for some..some of them..not so much. So here they stay and give the exquisite gift of their love. Sometimes the time given to me is brief (in my mind at least) due to their health. Sometimes, they live for years and become a fixture in my life. And some, much like Sprite and Mr. Levin, I develope a special connection with.

I can’t begin to tell all the stories. But whatever the circumstance, when it comes time to take that “last ride” together, as I hold them for the last time, if I close my eyes for just and instant…my mind plays a trick on me. I see them young, well and “running proud”. Maybe I have done the best..and all I could have done.

Pat from TX

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  1. Carol A Says:

    You are a very special person and Bless all those furry kids whoe you help and love. And I know God will bless you for taking care of his wonderful creatures. I live in town so don’t come upon the blessings you do, but we do have two little Street kids (Kitty Kids) and they are loved much too. God Bless you…Carol