Lady Bianca

Last year i got my adorable Lady Bianca, a miniature dachshund. I had recently moved out of my ex-girlfriend’s home and bought my own condo. I had never raised a puppy on my own and it was a big challenge and i was scared to let her away from me for a second. I brought her to work with me everyday and she was a respite during break times as we’d play fetch in the office. Recently i had to sell my condo due to financial reasons and moved into a small studio, but they didn’t accept dogs. I had to give Bianca to my girlfriend who lives over 1 hour away. She loves animals and has 5 pugs herself. She has a good home there, but i miss her so much and can only see her on weekends now. We had such a great bond and i am afraid i will lose that with her now. My girlfriend and I are engaged to be married in July and i will be moving in with her then and we will all be living as one under the same roof. I have had animals my whole life, but it’s so much different when you are the one who raised it from day one.

Thanks for all you do–thanks Peter from CA