Our dog’s name was Lady. We got Lady at the Humane Society when she was a little over 6 weeks old. Lady was just a little mutt, but she was a sweet mutt. She was probably the best dog anybody could ask for. Always loving and never asking anything in return. Lady was about 16 years old when she died last Saturday. Poor Lady’s health was failing and her kidneys were starting to shut down. So my husband took her to the vet last Saturday and had her put to sleep. I couldn’t bear to go with him, but my daughter held Lady in her arms while she drifted off to sleep. My husband feels so bad about having to do it, but had to be done. Our house seems to lonely without her now and we really miss her even though she was not able to do much. It is like losing a family member and just as painful. May our Lady rest in peace. We sure miss you girl. We will never forget you.

Elaine from Florida