Lady was a buff colored cocker spaniel who live next door to me. She would wander over and I would rub her tummy. She was such a sweet dog.

The neighbors were in a divorce situation and neither wanted that dog.

I said, give her to me.

She was the first dog I ever had in Chicago since moving from the east coast. She was a dream come true.

She became ill and I took her everywhere to find the cause. At the end, her liver failed her. I held her in my arms when the shot came. Her head just went down as she fell into internal sleep.

I drove home screaming LADY! LADY! and crying all the way.

What I want to say is that there is no greater pain than losing a pet. Not a pet but a real companion.

A friend of mine with compassion did an oil painting of Lady which I have enclosed.

I applaud Mark for bring out all these stories. Left or Right we all share in this one area.

Linda from IL