It was 4 years ago in Oct that we had the difficult decision of saying good by to our Springer Spaniel, Maui. Previously we had 2 Cockers who both developed serious disorders and those were also tearfilled decisions. We had also lost a Cocker unexpectedly before that after a minor surgical proceedure. I was determined to not have any more dogs after Maui, but after a month of sadness, emptyness and more tears, we began to search rescue sites. We found a Border Collie who touched our hearts and at Thanksgiving time 4 years ago, Laci came to live with us. She had been found on a road in a box , bruised, infested with worms, very thin and skiddish. The rescue kept her 4 months to nurse her back to health before they put her up for adoption. It wasn’t long till she became one of the family and we all bonded in a very close way.

She has been a delightful, loving, dog that we love so much. This spring she developed a limp in her R front leg, thinking it was a pulled muscle as she is very active, we took her to the vet and a antiinflamitory was given with some help. The limp returned this summer, more pronounced, so we took her to the U to get to the bottom of the problem. Our hearts sank when after the MRI we were told she had a malignant spinal cord tumor. We proceeded with surgery as soon as possible.

They were able to remove 90 %, but 10 % remains and the neurosurgeon says it will return in time. She is now left with a non functional R front leg, but does pretty well on 3 legs. Her spirits are high, but she trips and falls when on short walks, it is heartbreaking to see the fastest dog in the park now impaired as she is. We are holding on to what ever time we have with her, have done all we can in regard to changing her diet, getting her on any and all anti cancer, immunity boosting products we know of and giving her all our love. She is on all our friends prayer lists and we know the power of that ! All this to say, I know what you went though Mark, but it has made you, and all of us through these experiences better people on this earth. Thank you for this opportunity to share Laci’s story.

Connie from MN