I ordered your book and am eagerly waiting for it to be in my hands.I had to put my dog Lace down in December 06 after 15 years.She was a rescue dog from the SPCA and was the best dog.She was my son’s buddy, who joined the marines a year ago.It makes it harder cause my son is away preparing to leave for Iraq in 08 and I think of Lace everytime I think of my son.I enjoy your radio show, because you are a strong supporter of our troops and I now Isee the dog lover side of you.We never forget our faithful friend ,I am not ready for another(my son Is)and I know there are plenty that need a good and loving home,in time I know I will be able to welcome another loyal friend.Thanks, Mr.Levin and much love and happiness with your new puppy.

Cecilia from PA