Mark, thanks for letting us see a side of you we men have but don’t often let out.
My wife & I began raising labs in 1973…how faithful & loving
few years ago we had a choclate litter. One little guy sudenlly became sick. All he could do was lay on his right side, and follow me with his left eye. Kathy said: “you have to put the little guy out of his misery”. Kathy, I’m praying that God will heal him, I can’t. Several times a day I would go to the barn, and cry out to God like I wouldn’t let mysel if others were listening. For days he didn’t move, but he didn’t seem to hurt. As I prayed for that little guy my faith grew. This time when I went out he was up on his side with his head up, first times in days. I kept praying. Later I go to pray and he’s sitting! Thrilled (faith boost) I reached down and loudly exclaimed, “I can see you standing in Jesus name”. I got a flake of hay to feed our horse “Music” 50 ft. away. To my great excitement, when I got back the little guy he was standing watching me!
Others I ended up crying over, but I was sure thankful God touched that little pup when there was no hope without Him.
Father, thank’s for caring for our pet friends too.

Ron from ID