Here is my story. I got a Dalmatian puppy about seven years ago from my neighbor. Her husband would not let her keep it, because the puppy was digging up the tomato plants. We had a wonderful time together ever since, but this spring he was diagnosed with a congestive heart failure. He is on four medications right now which will prolong his life, but the only way he can survive is to have a heart transplant. I was told by veterinarian that those procedures are only performed on people, but I am just mortified thinking about those days ahead when his belly will start to fill-up with fluids, he will have to be treated more and more often at pet emergency rooms for shorthness of breath, lack of oxygen and will finaly die of a heart attack.

I can imagine what Mr. Levin went through with Sprite, because I am facing the same agony. I heve four other dogs that were unwanted or rescued from different shelters. They all are my friends that are loving and smart, but KUBA is the most wonderful one. I am desperatly searching for someone to change current way of looking at that problem and for someone who would perform the surgery on him. I feel like I am dying along with him and I do not know how I will survive his death. Knowing that there is something that could be done to prevent it and that with the surgery he could still live for several years makes me feel so hopeless. Please, let me know if there are any chances of having this procedure done on my beloved friend? I can not stop tears as I write this letter because this pain is so overwhelming. Is there ANY help for him? Please, I feel like you are my last hope, because you know what I am going through. And I hope that by talking about it on the radio, TV, and spreading the word you may be able to find people who could help us.

Thank you,

Kinga from AZ