I was glued to the TV when I happened upon your interview with Sean Hannity. You see, I was in those “dark days” in my own home . Two days previous , my 12 year old Shih-tzu, Kramer, died in my arms in our kitchen. It began as a regular day with my 3 children, ages 5, 3 and 3(twins) .I walked into the kitchen only to find Kramer in dire respiratory distress ( he had not been sick previous to this). I scooped him up, blanket and all, and he died almost instantly. You see, he was waiting for me that morning in order to say a final goodbye.I was his mother and he needed me but there was no medical intervention to help him. The whole incident has rattled me –and I am in the medical field. I had to relearn how fragile life really is.Later we learned that it was a pulmonary emboli that went to his lungs and instantly killed him.
He was my shadow and in an instant was gone. I miss him and grieve so much for him. Your book validated my silent pain that I have been in. I am so glad you wrote it. So many people do not give the loss of a dog the much thought. Your book does that and more. I laughed, I cried and I devored the book. It won’t bring Kramer back, but will help me and my family cope with our loss. We do have a 15 year old Shih-tzu, Dottie, still with us. She is lost with out her buddy. I feel as bad for her as I do for our family. God Bless to Sprite who now has a new angel friend named Kramer.

Kim from AL