A sad story…it’s about our cat, not a dog, but it’s a sad day here for us today. We had to make “that decision,” and we just weren’t prepared for it.

We had just listened to all the stories and shows on Monday featuring Mark’s story about his dog and promptly ordered three of his “Rescuing Sprite” books for ourselves and our two daughters’ families since we are all dog lovers.

Well, little did we realize that we would face this agonizing decision within two days about having the vet euthanize our sweet little kitty this morning.

Kitty showed up in our backyard about 13-14 years ago and we took him in. He has been the sweetest little kitty…always “talking” with me as he and I would “converse” in meows. He was a wonderful hunter and lived outside since I am terribly allergic to cats. But we always took great care of him,

Well, today was a very sad day. Our sweet little kitty had to be put to sleep this morning. He was run over by a car. When I noticed him limping in pain, I ran in to get his crate and rushed him right to the vet. The vet examined him and discovered breaks in both bones of his left leg and then thought there was possibly internal bleeding and said she was very concerned.

I was just so distraught that I asked the vet to call my husband who agreed with her that the thing to do was to put Kitty to sleep. Kitty was at least 17-18 years old…maybe older, and he had been losing weight and probably could not take the stress of surgery and a long recovery at his age.

I told her to just give him something to get him out of his pain, which she did. Then I said my last goodbyes and stroked his sweet head and neck as she looked for a vein that was suitable. Kitty was in such shock that his gums were white and his veins were collapsed.

I am just so sad. He was so sweet. He would talk back and forth to me, meowing and meowing. Today his meows were from pain. He usually eats out in the garage since he’s an outdoor cat, but last night he sneaked into the kitchen through the garage door and I fed him his last meal in the kitchen, encouraging him to eat. It’s just such a sad day here, but we’ll always remember the sweetest kitty in the world.

Pat from Texas