My story of my beautiful cocker spaniel named Kirbiee started back in 1993 when Hubby and I planned her right from the start….went to the dog shows and met a lady who bred cockers. Upon visiting her and seeing her home and her menagerie, we decided to ‘plan’ Kirbiee……..she was born April 15th, funny because Hubby is a tax accountant. I was very careful about her name, I wanted something you don’t hear everyday and we came up with Kirbiee.

The first thing we noticed about her that day when we went to pick her up was her 3 inch eyelashes, only to grow into 5 inch eyelashes as she got older. She had baby fine hair with beautiful coloration. Right from the start, she was the boss…..our other cocker spaniel, Rocky, already 7 years old, just loved her and she knew it so she quickly put him in his place. It seemed like she was always trying to bite him, bite us too, I called her the “Devil Dog”, that was so funny because as this canine Lady grew she turned into the sweetest, most gentle dog with patience and a sweet personality.

Rocky passed in 2004 and her world was lonely……..we got a pug puppy and that proved to be her greatest test of her life as she didn’t want anything to do with the pup and frankly she was too old to bother or care. We since rescued a male pug which took the pressure off poor Kirbiee and all was well once again.

She had a long and wonderful like filled with love and special friends and on monday when the world just got so difficult for her she looked at us and we knew, she wanted to go to Rainbow Bridge. I held her in my arms as she peacefully took her last breath and I could only thank her for being such a great friend and to go and have fun playing with Rocky.

A friend recommended Rescuing Sprite and it was all sold out at my book store so I ordered it online and can’t wait to read it.

So we will go on with a broken hearts but with almost 15 years of memories of that loving girl who made us smile every day…….we will miss you girl.

Sue from CA