Mark – We can identify with you concerning rescuing and then losing a pet. We recently had to put down our Yellow Lab, Kira, due to a case of thyroid cancer, which unknown to us or the rescue group at the time we adopted her, our new vet figured she probably already had and was most likely the reason she was turned loose by her previous owners. That dog really showed how grateful she haing a new home, and was one of the best friends of a four-legged type that we’ve ever had. She was always near one of us, showed her love, and easily adapted into our home. We only had her for about 2 years, as you did with Sprite, and even through all of her pain ;of the cancer and the degenerative stages, she always kept her friendly demeanor and never once ever snapped at any one of us or a visitor. I haven’t even gotten the courage to read your book yet, but I cry every time I hear you talk about your experiences with Sprite. Bless you and your family for going the adoption/rescue route.

Jerry from AZ