My name is Tony. I’ll be 32 years old at the end of this month. The only thing in life I want is a family. I have dreamed of being a loving husband and father since before I can remember. In 1998, after a devastating break up, I bought Kenny. Kenny was a 6 months old Miniature Pinscher, solid red. I know my reason for initially getting Kenny was selfish. I wanted comfort at the time. I knew at that time how much a family meant to me, but I also knew that I wanted to do it right…and it was going to take some time. Kenny was to be my companion until I got myself together and prepared properly for marriage.

Never would I have dreamed he would mean more to me than I had ever imagined. Over the years Kenny became the most meaningful thing in my life. Sad I know, but for me he’s just what I needed. Since I got Kenny I have been engaged, had relationships- all which have failed. He was the only one there for me for so many years. It’s cliche, but isn’t it amazing how your dog will never let you down. Even if you are at fault, even if you dissappoint. Your dog is always there for you when you need him. Kenny never let me down. In many ways he was like the child I always wanted. For a Miniature Pinsher he was amazing. He listened. He obeyed. I never had to worry about him when he was off his leash. “Don’t move,” that’s all it would take. Three years ago I was forced to move because of my work. I had a beautiful new townhome in a great part of town. Then all of the sudden, I had to pack up move to the only place available at the time. I was worried at first. The place is right beside a major road in Jacksonville, FL. After the first couple months Kenny proved himself to me yet again.

He knew to listen and the road was off limits. Then, about 2 years later I noticed some puppies playing in the field just across the street. Immediately I told myself, “Make sure Kenny doesn’t see them…..keep him away from the road.” We all know what happens next. Days later I went outside one morning and for the first time I took my eyes off him for just a split second. I’ll never forget turning my head at the last second, making sure I wouldn’t have to watch it happen. I couldn’t even turn around. I ran inside my house and fell to the floor. My neigbor immediatley came and grabbed me up, telling me there was still a chance. It took everything I had to go get Kenny and hold him on the way to the Veterinarian Hospital. All I could say was I’m sorry. I let my best friend down, at least I felt that way. All it would have taken was a “don’t move.” Signing the paperwork to have him put down was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. I could have never asked for a better companion. I miss him everday. Even a year later I cry thinking about how much he meant to me. So please. Love your pets. Some may find it silly, some may find it laughable. But anyone who has truly depended on their dog as a companion will understand. To some of us, they are all we have.

Tony from FL