I know for a fact, I could not live without my dogs. I have had many dogs but have never had to actually make that dreadful decision to have one put “down.” The first dog my husband and I ever had was a Siberian Husky named Keesha. She was so beautiful and sweet. We only had her about a year when she was stolen. It broke our hearts, but not like putting one down. The only dog we had for any length of time was the “one”. Csonka was an Akita, German Shepherd mix. We had him since about 4 weeks. He was the most gentle, sweetest dog I have ever known. He was a big “love giant” at about 110 pounds he always wanted to sit on your lap. The kids in the neighborhood just loved him. As he got older, the hip dysplasia set in. We knew that one day “it” would have to happen. But he was always so happy and he never complained. Then that dreadful day came back on April 21, 2007. He had some kind of seizure the night before. The next morning, he could hardly walk. The time was here. Mark, I just couldn’t even comphehend that he would never be with us. But, I also could not see him suffer any longer. My husband, Jeff, and I took him to the vet and had him sent to ” doggy heaven”. I truely belive that was the worst weekend of my life. After 13 1/2 years with us, and he was gone. We did have 2 other dogs to help with the grieving. But they too, missed him. We told ourselves that in about a year, we would thing about getting another dog. Well, on Memorial Day, we drove 3 hours to get a Border Collie puppy just so our other Border would have someone to play with. Even though we miss Csonka tremondously, Abby, the puppy has brought so much joy to our lives that we do believe that she was a god send. I bless you in all you do for our Country and I hope that others would find the love that dogs can bring to many lives.

God Bless,
Jill & Jeff from Ohion