Hi Mark…
I watched you on Hannity and Colmes the other night and your story brought back alot of the emotion I felt when we had to have our darling 8 yr old Gordon Setter, Kaycee, put down two years ago. She succumed to Kidney failure I’m sure brought on by tainted commercial dog food. One of the saddest things and most heart wrenching events one can go through is knowing the inevitable and making the hard decision to do what is best for your beloved dog. I still shudder when I relive that last moment with her. I still remember the empty feeling in the home and the sorrow that seems to never pass. I could sense in you the same long lasting pain and emotion that I and millions of other pet lovers have had to endure. We now have a wonderful Welsh Springer Spaniel, Molly, who has graced our home with her unending love and companionship. We love her with all our hearts, but it took us 6 months before we were ready to bring another dog into our world, but once a dog lover I guess you will always be a dog lover, and I have bocome completely aware how important it is to cherish every single day we are blessed to have them at our side. Being a Christian I know that someday we will be back together with our cherished friends, and I know that because if any being belongs in heaven these wonderful loving pets do. I feel your pain buddy, and I want to thank you for this wonderful site.

Dave from New Jersey