Kay Cee Kay

Our dog was named Kay Cee Kay. he was a cocker spaniel. Kay Cee had epilepsy,and was prone to an occasional seizure. he loved to eat and was the kind of dog that knew just how to put a smile on anyones face . Kay Cee was always happy to see me and loved car rides. He would go up to anyone that had food and somehow be sharing with them before long. He used to go to our neighbors house every sunday morning and wait by her slider door because she would feed him meatballs. Sometime we would be looking all over for him and we would see him being let out of one of our neighbors doors and they would say he just came over for breakfast.

Kay Cee escaped death 3 times the third time he was actually pronounced dead after his cancer operation my wife was asked to come to the vets office, He started breathing on his own after he heard her voice. My wife was told to go back home and get some food to see if he would eat. She brought my dinner and of course he ate all of it and was home wagging his tail when I got there.Everyone at the animal hospital called when Kay cee died. I wrote something for him that I will attach when we buried his ashes.I want to share it with you. I am going to get your book this week .I know how sad my heart was when we lost our best friend, I also learned that a dog can teach us many things about life. Here is what I wrote about Kay Cee.

Kay Cee Kay
December 1st 1993 – October 12th 2006

On October 12th 2006, at 1:42 AM we lost our companion, and very dear friend. He will be missed greatly by all of us .It is hard for anyone who did not experience his gentleness, or his way of making friends, to understand our deep sorrow. He lived his life in harmony with the world, and gave everyone that new him at least one moment of happiness.
It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to our friend, he has left us so many memories. I think he had an exceptional time on this earth, most of it due to Patty who cared after him up until his last breath. I believe she was the main reason that he fought so hard for his life so many times.
We now must give his soul for the Lord to care for; knowing when we pass Kay Cee will be waiting for all of us in Heaven.

The Best Time I ever had with KAY CEEE

The day we stayed in bed and watched the Football Playoffs.

The Funniest thin I remember him doing.
Getting up on a chair and eating cookies off of the table.

What he was to me.

Kay Cee was a friend that never tired of seeing me; he always came to greet me whenever I came home. He always made me feel that I was very important in his life. He and I loved to share snacks, and he was always ready for a nap. I learned many things about life from observing him, he loved to eat and he spent his day positioning himself for success in that arena. He also loved his life, and fought valiantly through illness. Most importantly he knew how to be my friend,and make me laugh. I will always have a loving memory and a special place in my heart for him.

Angelo from NJ