Katrina Rescue Dogs

You have done something wonderful by sharing your story on your show. As I write this I’m being cuddled by one of the 3 Katrina rescue dogs we opened our home to after the hurricane. Anyone who loves pets and considers them part of the family will understand your story and the hurt that goes with it. Wife and I take in the older dogs from shelters and provide them happy homes while they can be with us. They are the most loving dogs because they know they are being saved. Encourage your listeners to visit their local shelters and take a dog home with them. Dogs over 5 years old are very hard to place and are often euthanized within 48 hrs because no one wants the older pets. They are such loves.
I encourage you to google the poem “Rainbow Bridge” if you have not already done so. I think it might give you some comfort. It gives my wife and I lots of comfort as we give up our older dog friends as we alway must. We’ll see them again someday.
thanks for highlighting this subject. There is so much need.

Mike from MD