Katlin and Sarah Virginia

My mother, now 85, Lives on a nine acre estate in Kansas City. It is surrounded by a large shrub boarder and most people don’t even know the house is there. She is a renowed gardener and has been featured in several magazines, hard bound books and even on HGTV’s “Secret gardens” TV program.

She has had Golden Retrievers for many years and dearly loved them, as did I. Her last two, Katlin and Sarah Virginia, other wise known as Little Katie and Big Sally.

These two dogs were beautiful and also two of the biggest babies you ever saw, when ever there was a thunderstorm, my mother had to get out of her bed and come downstairs and sleep on the couch with them because they were so frightend of the thunder.
We were talking one day about those too and my mother said that that she doubted she could count on those two big wimps to protect her. She could not have been more wrong.

One afternoon she was working in her garden with the dogs at her side, as usual, when some drugged out direlect came on to the property and approched her. Katie and Sally leaped to they’re feet and stood on either side of her, she asked him what he wanted and he said some incoherent ramblings about needing directions and also asked for some money to get something to eat. Then she heard both dogs start to growl louder and louder, when she looked down, the hair on there backs was standing almost straight up, there tails were straight out and locked, not moving a inch.
there lips were curled exposing teeth she had never seen and both were foaming at the mouth. Her little spoiled babies transformed from Dorothy’s Toto of Kansas to Cujo in an instant! She told this bum that he was agitating her dogs and he had better leave, because if they attacked she could not keep them off of him.

He became impatient and finally said “oh come lady, just give me some money” and started towards her. Big mistake!
At that instant both dogs flew at him and attacked, knckiing him down and literally going for his throat,
he screemed and yelled as the dogs bit his arms and legs and tore his pants half off him, he finnaly got to his feet and ran frantically for the street, with the dogs in hot persuit, biting him every step of the way until he reached the end of the property and the street, where they stopped and watched him run away.
Satisfied that he was gone, they raced back to my mothers side. She took them inside and gave them numerous dog treats and called the Police. The suspect was later captured and it turned out he had arrest warrents and numorous prior convictions for assault, armed robbery, burglary and lots of drug offenses.

Little Katie and Big Sally without question, saved my mothers life. God bless them.
These two dogs both passed away several years ago, and both too soon, but there is no doubt in my mind or my mothers, that they are in the heros hall of fame in dog heaven.
We miss them so.

James from Kansas City, Mo.