May God continue to bless you, your family, your radio staff, and your pets!

Listening to you over the past few weeks, and with your on-air discussions with your buddy, Sean Hannity, you’ve encouraged me to want to get another pooch . . . my story is similar to yours and many other dog lovers as one of the worst days of my life a few years ago was when I had to have Katie, my family’s 14-year-old Springer Spaniel, put to sleep. Four years prior to that terrible day, my youngest brother had asked me if I would take Katie for my own since he couldn’t take her with him back to college/campus. Our Mom, who trained Katie from puppyhood, had passed away about six months earlier, so my brother knew that Katie would be a wonderful source of happiness for me after our Mom was gone. There’s no love from a mother that could ever be replaced by anyone or anything else, but Katie was the next best thing! Like in that story, A Dog’s Plea, Katie never required much but gave so much more . . . she taught me, too, about just being! Being, in the sense that enjoying today, the ‘here and now,’ if you will . . . Katie helped to bring me up and out of my sadness after my Mom passed away . . . even when I knew that Katie had experienced the loss of her trainer/mistress (my Mom) . . . it was heartbreaking to see Katie sitting at the back door of my Mom’s house, waiting for my Mom to come back . . . some people think, misguidedly, that dogs are just dogs and that they aren’t deserving of our love . . . well, those folks don’t know what they’re missing . . . but you knew that!

I could go on with more wonderful stories about Katie, but I’ll be in tears here, in public at the library, if I do . . . so I’ll revisit your website and write more at a later time. I’m very hesitant to get another dog at the present time for various reasons, yet I so fervently want another one for the tremendous joy and happiness they bring . . . I’m still undecided.

You are a blessing, Mark; I so enjoy listening to you when your show comes on, later in the evenings, here in central Ohio. I can hear in your voice the compassion and love you had for Sprite . . . May God continue to bless you in all that you do.

God bless America!

A fan and fellow dog lover,

MamieĀ from Ohio