At our house it’s a zoo. Besides 3-kids at home(and the occassional Mother-in-Law),we have 4-cats, 4-dogs and 2-horses. They’re all well loved and thus well adjusted to each other and get along well.I’m sure you can imagine the stories. My reason for writing though, is to say thank you for all you do. All of it shows us along with your deep love for animals, the real definition of a compassionate conservative. God Bless you for that. What makes you tick is an example for us all! I would like to end with saying a little about a wonderful dog who left us a few years ago. Her name was Katie. Dog lovers may have many dogs in their lives and some may have 1 or 2 that are extra special.Katie was one of those dogs of a life time to me. She was always with me and very loving.Her life of 13-yrs. was full of fun stories,but it was in her death that she comforted me the most. She had broken her left front leg one night in the back yard. She was yelping very lowd in pain while trying to get up. As I approached, She calmed down at the sound of my voice and laid across my lap quietly while I examined her. This was the trust between us that stilled her. Being a weekend we paid the 2,200.00 for the opperation to fix her. The sad thing was the small tumor in her bone that caused the break. We got the results from the lab the next Wednesday. It was a very aggressive cancer. She was given 6 months. I made an aluminum brace that went around her back and supported her leg so she could still walk around the yard. She got to be good enough to run(or should I say thump) with it. She would even us it to do a fast pivot to change direction. Anyway She was pretty mobile. I just had to carry her up and down the stairs (75#s).We had her for another 10 months before She slipped a disc and became parylised. I cried and talked with Her for a long drive to the vet. She seemed to understand that it was finally time. She didn’t like living like this at all. When I laid Her on the table I could hardly see Her for the tears. She laid there calmly. After a final goodby,my vet gave Her Her shot… On Her last breath, I swear her spirit passed though me. It was an intense rush of love. She was telling me, “It’s OK. I’ll see you Later”. My tears stopped immediatley and calmed down. With Her passing energy She had taken care of Me again.
Thank You Mark.

Steve from Colorado